Friday, December 12, 2008

Epitaph for Woolies

Most of us hold fond memories of childhood visits to our local Woolworths for our weekly sweet treats. Alas, poor Woolies we knew you well and then you fell out of favour...What was your pick 'n' mix gem?

Has it featured as regularly on your agenda as a grown-up? I can't say it was close to the top of my essentials list; most recently (a few months ago) I bought some cute and colourful, practical, little storage containers but it still seems a little sad for a familiar high street stalwart to fall out of favour and disappear from the horizon. Ironic too, that once the demise was officially confirmed, the following day's closing-down event should see the stores overflowing with keen customers and the best trading day in their long history.

I ventured into my local branch, yesterday, partly out of curiosity, partly to bid farewell... It was far from a pleasurable experience - one could barely move for the enthusiastic bargain-hunting crowds. The shelves (unsurprisingly) were poorly stocked and appallingly displayed (bizarrely the china and crockery stock was all coffee-splattered!). However, after making the effort to go in, I had to do my bit and make one last purchase, so I came away with a prettily practical stationery storage folder. Reductions were nothing to write home about (mostly 10-20%) with little to tantalise or tempt... Adieu, sweet memories!

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