Monday, August 16, 2010

Hidden Treasure

Well, almost...

There I was wandering along - getting my outdoor exercise, while the weather was kind - in sunny Richmond.  And looking down, as you do, I spied this gorgeous,purple pansy peeking out of an old stone step, in splendid isolation.  What a happy accident and a lovely surprise...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Funniest Thing I Heard This Week

...was on Radio Four's Desert Island Discs, earlier today.  Wonderfully open, earthily self-deprecating actress and comedienne, Kathy Burke revealed her choice of luxury item, should she find herself washed-up, in isolation, on the imaginary setting.

Kathy's desired indulgence is a full-sized, laminated photograph of BBC 2's Dragons' Den star, James Caan.  Not, as you might imagine, in order that she might rely on his entrepreneurial inspiration (ahem...) but so that she might pass her leisure-time happily "body-surfing" upon it!

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Friday, August 6, 2010

On the Nail

Like all decently groomed girls, I enjoy sporting a pretty pedicure, especially in summer, when my toes are on daily display.  Chanel often receive accolades, as superstars, in the varnish stakes - their colours are spot-on and regular trend-setters - triggering a waiting list for their small-run, limited edition releases.

This summer, I succumbed and let myself be lured-in by their tantalising seasonal shades of Particuliere and Nouvelle Vague.  I especially love the warm-hued elegance of no. 505 (particuliere) which perfectly partners my bronze Electra Fit-flops.  Sadly, its duration has been short-lived, as the staying power of the lacquer is a let-down.  Their Nouvelle Vague (527) also behaved in the same disappointing manner, once applied.  None of this prevents these sought-after limited-run beauty icons from changing hands, on auction websites, for vastly elevated sums.

So, my mini indulgences have been usurped by a bolder bargain - from Marks & Spencer... Their Electric Purple (centre of pic) is super-shiny, statement-chic and, so far, has refrained from disappearing before I want it to.  I guess there's a lesson and a moral in there, somehwere...