Monday, November 15, 2010

German Market - Sicilian Coffee!

It's the season for German markets and Kingston-upon-Thames is blessed with a lively 'visitation', in its attractive and evocative ancient market square.  I admit that I'm not tempted by the giant bratwurst - or massive beer steins - but I was uplifted to discover the enticing and inviting coffee-and-cake stall.  Run by the charismatic Jenny, we chatted before I experienced the most delicious espresso I had sipped in a long while.

I couldn't resist finding out more from the stallholder.  Jenny explained her frustration at bland coffee - all too abundant in mainstream high street outlets - revealing that she had sought the advice of a Sicilian insider, to arrive at the perfect blend...  This resulted in her creating the divinely rich, rounded Roma Forte, with its luscious chocolate notes.  It made for the tastiest and best value £1.30 lungo - perfectly boosting my waning energy levels, this lunchtime.  I also nibbled a small oblong of her homemade Stollen, which  - as a purist and perfectionist - Jenny insists on baking, to a long-treasured family recipe, in a clay oven - using authentic German flour. Make sure you stop-by for some refreshment, and a friendly chat, if you're in the area before Christmas... Guten appetit!

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