Monday, December 20, 2010

Walk this Way

Ah! yes, the snow continues to fall - on top of the snow that has already fallen - in the deep, frozen south of London town.  Not the most sensible thing to attempt to walk my normal quota of 30+ miles per week - I'm *really* missing it, btw... So, today - experiencing extreme exercise deprivation - I uncovered an alternative route to maintain some semblance of fitness.

Leslie Sansone's enthusiastic and creative walk-at-home routine (below, from had me feeling sceptical, before I tried it, but I soon realised that it's fun and gets the energy circulating...  It may not be the same as my brisk, scenic Richmond Park or riverside wanderings but it is warming and energising, on a cold day; a good way to counter couch-potato-syndrome and to detract from cabin fever. 

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