Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Midnight in Paris

Once upon a time, as a French BA Hons student, with a tendency to quirkiness (eh oui!), the latest Woody Allen was a must-see and an eagerly awaited treat, for me, and for many of my contemporaries; post-viewing we analysed it to the hilt, mostly among like-minded enthusiasts.  Then, all of a sudden, (or so it seemed) my passion waned (for a considerable while) until Woody's current oeuvre intrigued, and enticed, me back... to the big screen.

Midnight in Paris is a vibrantly shot, imaginative outing, a tender billet-doux to the city of dreams and the literary and artistic icons inspired by it.
Owen Wilson plays an impressively updated Woody-alike - with an offbeat charisma and allure.  The stellar cast - featuring characters of renown - including Pablo Picasso, Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Gertrude Stein, et al, contribute to the deeply evocative vibe, cleverly transporting the viewer and Gil (aka Owen-Woody) to 1920s champagne-suffused, angst-ridden, joyous Paris (once the clock strikes midnight, bien sur).

Artist's muse, Adriana (charming, former Piaf-esque, Marion Cotillard), along with her string of admirers, adds intrigue and allure, ensuring that real life (2010 Paris) can't quite compete. Gil's (aka Owen Wilson) fiancée is no match for the gaiety and excitement offered by inhabitants of earlier decades.

It may not be difficult to predict the outcome, but the journey doesn't disappoint, and I confess, I'd be happy to see (and relish) the film again, at short notice...

Photos courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics 
(Pic 1 shows Marion Cotillard and Owen Wilson - as Adriana and Gil - strolling late-night '20s Paris)
(Pic 2 shows Woody and Owen mid-shoot)


Anonymous said...

This is great, Arlene! Nice to see you blogging again. Mine was dormant for 6 months, then I started again with the Pondhopper and started another one focused on Carers thezenblog.wordpress.com and @thezenblog. Come say hi. :)

arlene said...

Hi Karina, Thanks! Good to see and hear from you, too. I look forward to discovering your zen blog - great to have a new project; hope all is good with you. My recent focus has been on developing a lifestyle website, news to follow soon... Bises, Arlene