Thursday, April 10, 2008

the joy of serendipity

The sun was shining and I craved a lovely, long riverside walk, so I headed-off from Kingston, along the towpath to Hampton Court.  En route admiring the serene swans grooming themselves all-in-a-row, the glorious houses, trees in blossom and beauty of the setting. 
 At Hampton Court, I crossed over the bridge and wandered into the pretty village of East Molesey.   It's a rare gem, that luckily seems to have managed to maintain its identity and individuality,  amidst today's sea of copy-cat high streets.  I spotted a beautiful little shop there that drew me in; a new and inviting florist, on its opening day. What a pleasure - and such a sweet story of serendipity - I discovered on talking with the owners. 

Graphic designer, Jules, lives next door; for many years one of her deepest yearnings had been to obtain the lease for the neighbouring premises and set-up shop there.  Pippa had retrained as a florist, after a career in advertising.  Whenever she walked past the shop she knew it would be the perfect place to bring her floral dreams to fruition.  A few months ago, Jules found out that the shop had become available - determined - she obtained the lease...

Pippa's boyfriend was driving past one day shortly afterwards, when he spotted Jules, busy outside. They started talking and he told her of Pippa's great passion for the shop. So, Jules and Pippa met, became business partners, with a shared vision and turned their dream into reality. The shop is a real delight - on all levels - and reflects their twin passion and determination. 

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