Tuesday, April 29, 2008

back to fitness...

You'll probably know by now how I love a riverside wander but I have a confession, there's been something missing from my life recently... One of my greatest passions!  I'm a very keen runner and used to be super-fit - notice the use of the past tense here:-(  - all was going smoothly until, last November, I had my first bout of real back pain.  Grrr!  Cue violins and stray tears...

I saw a couple of osteopaths, rested as I knew I must (moving about was no mean feat) and in January saw the doctor, too.  The general consensus of opinion was that I had injured (jarred) my back doing my lovely hill runs in Richmond Park and all  I could do now was to walk on flatter surfaces.  So,  as I always believe in nurturing good health, I've been restricting myself to long, reasonably brisk walks but it just isn't the same!  I want to start running again and get back into the super-fit shape I was in but I admit I'm a little wary.

I'm determined to make a start in May though and I'll let you know how things go... Anyone with a similar experience who wants to post any comments or advice - I'd love to hear from you!


Evie Serventi said...


It's ironic: we share a common interest that is currently missing from both our lives, that is running! Running is in my blood. Like Forrest Gump, I have been running for as far back as I can remember. Running kick starts the day or ends it on a high note. Running increases one's sense of wellbeing ten-fold. Running makes you feel great on the inside and look supreme on the outside. Running beats any antidepressant, alcoholic crutch or anger management class. It's so convenient and relatively inexpensive.
I sustained an injury in February this year which stopped me from all but walking for three months (!). Similar to a stress fracture, my right fibular bone packed up and got very stressed internally. This resulted in an inflammed, non-weightbearing, very sore ankle. My running world came to a sudden halt. But I was able to cross-train, cycle (in the gym) and swim (that was most painful for a few weeks) to maintain some sort of level of fitness.
Get a second opinion and a third if your back is not getting better to a point where you feel you can try running again.
Remember, six months here and there in a lifespan of let's say 90yrs, is but a couple of grains of sand on a beach..small stuff. You'll be running again. Visualise it and look forward to it!
xx Evie

amethyst said...

So inspirational and thought-provoking, Evie! I really hope you'll be back where you want to be, in good health, as soon as possible. A x