Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Beware Welsh road signs

Did you hear (or see) the recent one about the Welsh road sign? In English it informed drivers: No entry for heavy goods vehicles. Residential site only. Beneath was the Welsh 'translation': I am not in the office at the moment. Send any work to be translated. Hilariously 'PC'... why wasn't the out-of-office email auto reply sent in both languages, one wonders? The sign has now been removed... What an efficient use of taxpayers money!


David J said...

I saw a short television articale about this - what a hoot! It just goes to show the dangers of entrusting such a task to someone who has no knowledge of Welsh at all. (My knowledge is pretty limited, but I could still spot the error!).

As you say, it's slightly odd that they didn't have the 'out of office' message in English too - or maybe they did, and it was overlooked?

CarolineLD said...

This made me smile too - as a struggling Welsh learner, it's always nice to know there's someone worse at the language than I am!!