Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hard to put into words...

I know that I'm far from alone in the way my thoughts have been dominated in recent days. Watching and listening to what has happened in Haiti is hard for the human soul to bear. Almost too tough to put into words; the situation is so dire, desperate and deep-rooted. At least, the heart - after having been wrenched - is warmed to see what the US and other countries are doing. How wonderful the team of British fire-fighters, who so painstakingly rescued amazing little two-and-a-half year-old, Meea. My deepest thoughts and thanks go out to them.

Hard to know what it is best to do to help. I guess we should all do what we can without being put-off, too greatly, by questioning whether a charitable donation or action will go precisely where we would wish (with extraneous factors getting in the way). My very small effort will consist of sorting my wardrobes, over the next few days. Then I'll deliver to my local branches of Oxfam; I know the recession has put them in greater need - even before this greatest time of crisis - and that will be likely to raise more funds than I could directly give currently.

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