Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Face of Hope in Haiti

The tears flowed again last night, as I watched the late news from ITN. The reporter was with a team of Fire-fighters from LA, one of whom determinedly stated:"I'm going to keep on looking until someone tells me to stop."

Viewers then had the profoundly moving privilege to watch, as extraordinary Jeanette was rescued, after six days buried in rubble. Her husband was determined that she was still alive and rescuers were able to confirm the fact, then to persevere painstakingly, for several hours, to eventually bring her out - with little more than injured fingers. Her strength, power and gratitude were overwhelming. As excellent correspondent, Bill Neely, stated: "life was bursting from this woman's lungs". One could barely believe what she had been through, as she burst into joyous song, and expressed her deepest gratitude. You can view the powerful scenes of rescue below:

Further images that will long remain in my mind were of the beautiful children, who walked together hand-in-hand, and with beaming smiles, thanked the team who gave them just one small bottle of water, each. Quite extraordinary, remarkable and profoundly moving.

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