Monday, March 24, 2008

how do you shop?

Are you an impulse buyer?  Or, do you decide - in advance - exactly what you want before you set-out on a shopping trip?  I used to be a terrible fashion junkie but I think I'm improving... I still love bargain-hunting and find it much more satisfying when I know I have got a good deal that will become a wardrobe staple; an item that will give me pleasure every time I wear it, rather than make me feel twinges of guilt whenever I look at it hanging there - unloved and unworn.

It's curious though now, isn't it, that the seasons have less of an impact, for most of us, on the way we shop and how we plan/organise our wardrobes... Take today for example: here, on the edge of London, it's been snowing and feels freeezing...yet, it's nearly April. If there's less of a dividing-line between seasons, then, I guess, all the more  reason for 'investment' dressing. Fewer, better quality items that will endure and make us smile with every wear... 

Yet... that seems to be going against current trends for throw-away fashion.  Perhaps the best thing is to find a balance between the two, with a few inexpensive high fashion items to update your look, combined with quality staples.  The questions I try to ask myself when bargain shopping is: Am I buying it just because it's  cheap or would I want it at the higher price?  Does it add anything to my wardrobe? Will it just end up in my charity bag?

For a while, I've had a real yearning to buy a beautifully-cut, simple, single-breasted black waistcoat to wear with jeans and a tee shirt or nice shirt, even with a pretty summer dress... Can I find one?  Easier said than done...  Everything I've found so far, on my fashion forays, is too fussy, not so versatile, so I haven't succumbed.  I'll keep looking though and report back if I find it!  

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