Saturday, May 3, 2008

Any Questions...?

Just back from the Rose Theatre where Radio4's Any Questions? was broadcast last night. Having spent many years working on live radio it didn't hold as many surprises for me, as perhaps, for some others in the audience.  There was mainly an older presence, for this BBC programme, that celebrates an amazing 60 years on air, in 2008.

If you read the link above, you'll gather I'm a big fan and supporter of the Rose so I was happy to return there for a rare event and especially pleased to see Sir Peter Hall, Director Emeritus and theatrical hero, on the four-strong panel.  He was the star turn: succinct, entertaining and to-the-point.  

Caroline Spelman, Chair of the Conservative Party, was immensely long-winded and, on most occasions, completely failed to answer the question.  Harriet Harman QC, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, seemed determinedly on-message and constantly conveyed how the party was listening and would take note of public opinion and correct any wrongs.  She totally passed the buck on all the Shakespeare related questions - disappointingly - and surprisingly, for one so well-educated.  Local MP, Vince Cable, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats, was impressive -  we discovered he had been up since 4am but he answered every question without rambling or straying - in an informed, thoughtful and intelligent manner.

If you want to tune-in, the (live) programme is repeated on Saturday (today!) afternoon, at 1.10pm.

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