Sunday, June 15, 2008

What's in a weekend?

I don't know if you're like me but my weekends seem to vary quite a lot.  Last weekend was a social whirl, catching-up with friends old and new, trying new places and going back to old haunts... this weekend was a quieter, closer-to-home affair.

On Friday evening, the urge took me(way overdue!) and I got stuck-in to attacking the pesky weeds that were threatening to completely overtake my lavender and mint (meant to have pride of place) in my small patch of  front garden. It took me an hour to come close to getting to grips with the bad invaders; it wasn't that solitary, as I caught-up with neighbours while I worked...

On Saturday, I was determined to make more of an effort at getting back into my super fitness regime (that took a severe tumble when my back was injured) so, after seeing to all my chores locally, I went for a twelve-mile brisk-walk through Richmond Park, then along the towpath, into the town and back.  The views were gorgeous, the weather very pleasant - aside from a brisk heavy shower into the evening -  but the pollen count was high, so I paid for it by the time I returned home; note to self: must stock up on more local honey next year

Today was another catch-up day, on the 'phone, and at home, then a tennis highlight... I watched the magnificent Stella Artois final (had to make do with the TV this time) between Nadal and Djokovic.  Wow - a mesmerising match!  So close at points...!  I was happy that gorgeous Rafa Nadal won - he's such a pleasure to watch ;-)  I have to admit that Djokovic played so well too and was an incredibly gracious loser.   They should also both be admired for their impressive foreign language skills!  Today whetted the appetite for Wimbledon - just 8 days away...

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