Sunday, January 4, 2009

Almost a repeat...

Like many of us, when I find something pleasurable, I just have to go back and do it again - quickly... So, I returned to Richmond on Saturday; a different route this time with another friend and her dog, through the wild beauty of Richmond Park - once more. We ended-up at the Hollyhock Café for a warming cuppa and to take-in the fab views - enhanced by the winter sunshine and capped-off by the gorgeous sunset.

It was cooold though but thankfully minus the NE wind... Little Joe (the cocker spaniel) enjoyed it, too (relatively patiently) and was happy to lap-up the bowl of water placed outside, especially for him and his four-legged friends. I relished my big mug of warming cappuccino with soya milk.

After I left my friend (and Joe), I went to visit another friend, not far away, then I treated myself to a take-out sushi roll, at Atari-Ya, (recommended for quality, taste, value and friendliness!). It was only when I got home and saw my reflection, that I took-in the full horror of the cappuccino 'mono-brow' that had impressed itself above my nose (courtesy of the large coffee mug's generous brim) - aaargh! How embarrassing - why didn't anyone tell me!?

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