Sunday, January 11, 2009

Stuart Heydinger - a Moving Inspiration

You know how it is, there's an exhibition that you find out is opening and you earmark to view. Then, you suddenly realise it's about to end! So it was for me with these photographs.

Happily, I realised before it was too late, that I had a couple of days left to get in and view the works. I'm so thrilled that I did. It was quiet when my friend and I met here (with just one other person present in the gallery) so we were able to view the images closely and to our hearts content. The collection ranged in date from the late 1950s to the 1980s - all black-and-white - for me, they conveyed more than a thousand words often could.

They range from the iconic (well-known portraits of John F Kennedy and Winston Churchill) to tear-jerkingly historic moments in time (child victims of starvation in Biafra - 1968) and devastated locals affected by the earthquake in Skopje (1963). Studies of residents participating in everyday market life in South Western France also made insightful viewing.

We learnt that the collection has been gifted to the Museum; although they won't remain on permanent show, the photographs will be available to view, on request. If you get the chance to see or discover Heydinger's work - don't hesitate!

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