Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sign of the times...

Even as an optimist, it's not always easy to remain smiling in the current climate (and I'm not just referring to the freeezing weather). I know I mentioned the departure of Woolworths, a little while back, but it hit me again how sadly strange it felt to walk past their large and now non-trading store, in the midst of Kingston's attractive market square.

Then, wandering a little further along the town into Thames Street, I had a shock... the windows of my favourite tea and coffee emporium were emblazoned with closing-down signs. I went-in, to find out more, and discovered their wonderful manager, as delightful as ever, but in a downbeat mood as she had only heard the news that morning. Ringtons has been a quality, specialist family-run business for over a century; now, sadly, they have decided the time has come for them to shut-down their stores. Happily though, they will still be trading via their website.

For the twenty minutes or so I spent in the shop browsing, shopping and chatting to their lovely (super-efficient and totally charming) manager, the shop was packed-out with curious, enthusiastic and keen shoppers.

The same day, I also learnt that I have lost all my regular sources of freelance work, too... I hope your year has started in a more positive way!

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