Sunday, April 11, 2010

Late Easter Taste Test

How was your Easter break? Mine was enjoyably spent catching-up with friends (and chores...less so) and completely chocolate-free. Not that I felt deprived...

On Tuesday, I received a late Easter goody bag from London-based Chocolate & Love via Fuelmyblog.

Two foodie friends, and I, dived into the organic 100g bars of Filthy Rich (71% cocoa solids) and Crushed Diamonds (enriched with cocoa nibs) but found them far less remarkable than the truly divine 40g raw Conscious bar - infused with chili (cayenne), cinnamon and Himalayan salt. It was the supreme star of the show.  A little goes a long way - fortunately - as it sells for £2.88.

The texture was meltingly creamy (thanks to the coconut butter); in spite of the fact that it's healthily vegan. Additionally, because it's not heat-treated, it has mineral-packed benefits and is only sweetened with a little agave nectar  - making it a better blood sugar bet than mainstream chocolate.

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