Friday, May 23, 2008

adopt a smoothie:-)

When the weather is fine, or at least clement, what better way to start the day than with a delicious - and easy - home-made smoothie! For a sunny, vitamin-infused, anti-oxidant-packed breakfast, there's little better.  The berry variety used to be my favourite until I experimented today and made a new discovery: mango spice! 

I set the scene, yesterday, when, for the first time, I bought a large pack of frozen mango cubes. This morning, all I needed to do was to throw a large handful into the blender, with half a large sliced banana; half-a-cup of apple-juice-sweetened, organic, soya milk and a (very) generous sprinkling of ground cinnamon.  Whizz-away, until smooth, and you're guaranteed to launch the day with a smile and a healthy burst of energy...yum!

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