Tuesday, May 20, 2008

BoJo's progress report...

I confessed, previously, that I didn't vote for the blonde one but he made a good start with his acceptance speech and his actions have impressed me since. What I especially appreciate, is that - so far - he isn't just a man of words, he has started to make things happen.  His 'newty' predecessor could talk for England and was constantly telling us of his plans.  Much (most?) of it was just talk, whereas Boris, almost instantly, moved-on with the Oyster card.  Within a few days it was officially accepted on one train line (with more to come?); something that Ken had been 'promising' for a long time, with no concrete progress.

BJ appointed three(!) deputy majors, each with responsibility for a specific area.  I was impressed when I heard the Deputy Mayor for Policing, Kit Malthouse, talking on the radio with a practical, no-nonsense approach.  His stated priority is to improve safety for Londoners - making inroads and a positive impact on reducing the horrendous proliferation of knife crime on the capital's streets.

Surprisingly, Boris' mayoral fee is greater than that of his New York counterpart; indeed we have much to learn from their success in countering violence, street fear and intimidation.  The freshly re-instated 'stop and search' policy is seen as contentious by some but together with the implementation of 'knife-arches' and a mooted zero tolerance stance it might just put - at the very least - a slight halt on the deeply shocking levels of  preventable and tragic youth deaths.

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