Monday, August 18, 2008

Arise, Sir Nils

Most of us are only too aware of bad news stories, on a daily basis. However, last week ended on a smilier note with the very cute, if slightly incredible story of the new Norwegian Knight, Sir Nils Olav. No aristocratic Scandinavian blond he - oh no! - rather a sleek black, white and yellow, long-billed male penguin, residing at Edinburgh Zoo.

The story originates in 1972 when a Lieutenant in the Norwegian King's Guard adopted a penguin as a mascot for the regiment, naming him Nils Olav.  When the original Nils died, an heir was found; the tradition and name continued.  Events culminated in the current descendant, 6-year-old Nils, being endowed with the high-ranking honour.   One, two, three: aaaah!

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