Thursday, August 21, 2008

Supplement shocker

I recently discovered that I have osteoporosis in my spine. It's in the early stages and although I've had a couple of risk factors (anorexia and prescribed steroids when I was a teenager) it was something I hoped to avoid through good lifestyle factors and diet.

I'm definitely far from keen to take bisphosphonates so I've been sticking to my prescribed Calcichew Forte (calcium and vitamin D) supplement.   That was until the other day when I learned that they contained hydrogenated soy oil (the packs merely stated vegetable fat).  I've always done all I can to avoid this highly undesirable processed and altered ingredient, so to say it displeased me is an understatement.  

I feel angry - not just for myself - that a supposed health product has a 'hidden' component that could potentially do more harm than good. Supermarkets and food manufacturers are increasingly removing this unnecessary nasty from their product lines. I guess a healthy conscience is far from given when it comes to pharmaceutical companies.  My quest continues...

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