Saturday, August 9, 2008

Not-so-sweet shopping aka candy-calling...

Have you ever woken in the middle-of-the-night with a food craving you just had to satisfy?  You're not alone... I read a story in The Times (London), yesterday, that almost defies belief.

Three-year-old, Max McGrath, woke from his slumbers, at his home near Preston, in Lancashire. It was 3am and he just had to have some sweets (candy). So, he decided it was time to shop.  Dressed in his pyjamas, he put on his older brother's (too large) shoes, took some money and the front door keys.  Off he went, walking for a mile and a half, until he arrived at the family's local supermarket. Sadly, it was shut so his craving had to go unfulfilled... Happily, a kind and alert newspaper delivery driver spotted him peering through the windows (he must have been rubbing his eyes in disbelief!) and was able to find out, from Max, where he lived.

James Brown, the delivery man, took him straight back home.  Unable to wake his parents, the police were called and little Max was returned safely to his bed.  What an extraordinary insight into the mind and abilities of a determined three-year-old! How many parents will have been set wondering and worrying about exactly what goes on in the minds of their little offspring? 


David J said...

I was astounded by this story too.

But even more astounding to me was that he knew his address so the delivery driver could take him home. Astonishing for a lad of that age.

amethyst said...

Absolutely! Extraordinary, amazing for a 3-year old. Bright boy and dedicated to his sweet tooth!