Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blooming Olives: my Ode to the Olive Tree

I had such a treat, when I went into the garden, this morning... my cherished olive tree - which I have nurtured since (her) babyhood - is flourishing and currently adorned with the prettiest, most delicate blossoms.  I love the olive tree for its myriad bounties: leaves, blossoms, fruit... and the wondrous gnarly beauty of its bark and trunk as it embraces old age.  

I also love the silvery green of the elegant, long, narrow leaves - gaining awareness as a natural remedy - with reported benefits for the immune system, strong anti-oxidant properties, healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

I relish the savoury delights of her fruits - black and green, small and large - ranging in succulence, bitterness and piquancy, according to how they are treated once harvested, the variety of tree and country - or region - of origin.  Then, there's the oil - wholeheartedly and bountifully celebrated and enjoyed on a daily basis, in countless ways; now revered in both the northern and southern hemispheres. Praise be to the Olea europaea!

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