Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Berried Treasure...

Normally, I’m quite a purist and prefer to blend my own smoothies tailoring them to my taste, mood and ingredients. But, there are times when practicality takes precedence… The other day, out-and-about, late afternoon and all I’d eaten was a piece of fruit. So, thirsty and a little hungry, at the same time, I searched for a snack.

At the supermarket, an intriguing variant caught my eye.  Innocent’s breakfast thickie wasn’t a guaranteed winner but I gave it a try and was happy I did! Lusciously berried, not-too-sweet; the raspberries and blueberries married perfectly with probiotic yogurt and oats.

I’ve been familiar with Innocent since their inception; I love their fun, no-nonsense, practical, healthy approach, quirky sense-of-humour (and tasty products). I admire their quite unique and innovative business model, how they haven't been spoilt by success or strayed from their orignal ethos and how they give back to deserving projects.  A delicious inspiration!

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