Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Men in make-up

There's plenty to ponder when it comes to equalities between the sexes.  An almost endless debate...and now there's something new(-ish).

I guess there are two ways of looking at whether it's an advantage (or not) to be a make-up wearing woman. Yes, it's fun and creative to change your look, enhance your features and to experiment but it can also feel like a chore...and for some become expensive and time-consuming. I enjoy make-up but prefer an understated yet chic look.  Then again, I'm a girl...

How do I feel about a man in make-up? I have a roundabout way of answering: for starters, I think it's a touch unfair that (many) men improve as they age - with ruggedness and grey hair no handicap to their appeal.  Although it's not entirely alien to the male of the species to wake showing the effects of an onerous schedule, hard night or lack of sleep.   So, should they be 'allowed' to disguise the signs with an artful hint of concealer?  Yves Saint Laurent certainly think so and have adapted their top-selling Touche Eclat (light-diffusing concealer in a gold pen format) into a fragrance-free version, to add man-appeal.

I must admit it has occasionally brought a smile to my face when I've spotted a guy laboriously (or surreptitiously) applying lip balm at traffic lights, in a café, or on a bus.   I can't say I'd encourage my favourite hunk to share my cosmetics, experiment with full-on application or push his vanity too far but a little light concealer shouldn't over-step the mark - unless it leads to extremes or becomes an addiction... What do you think?

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Luca said...

lol any guy spending too much time applying anything is officially out of the "man-club". (applying brakes=unmanliness, applying makeup=unmanliness etc, you catch my drift)