Tuesday, September 30, 2008

You're having a laugh...

If you're anything like me, then you'll have been a happy bunny over the past few days - enjoying the gorgeous late (very) summer weather, in London.  I was beginning to think that the s(ummer) word no longer had a place in our vocabulary.

Well,  September was also back-to-school time.  Even if that no longer features significantly in your life, think again... It can prove great fun and a brilliant source of autumnal/winter inspiration, to take a step back and consider (that old cliché) evening classes.  There's so much to choose from... 

An option I can heartily recommend, is to go for a stand-up comedy course.  I signed-up for classes, a few years back, at Richmond's Parkshot with excellent tutor, Tony Kirwood.  We were a very diverse bunch of students, ranging in age from 17-70(!); every class was a great laugh (combined with some high anxiety levels...).  It was a brilliant way to inject some sunshine into the grey winter months. 

Although I never had any intention of going on the circuit (oh no - not for me - I'm far too much of a 'corpser') I wanted to try my hand at topical comedy writing and I loved it...  The class put on a very well-received end-of-term show and one of the group - Jude Mahon - made it to the finals of that year's Funny Women competition.

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