Monday, September 15, 2008

Market Driven - part one...

On Saturday, as part of the Kingston Food Festival (which runs until 20th September) I had the happy experience of discovering a wonderful, one-off, Farmers' Market in the pretty Ancient Market Square. It seemed to be a great success; a real pleasure to see, and taste, seasonal produce, from artisan producers and growers located within 100 miles of the M25.

I was thrilled to find my favourite russet apples on sale (first of the season and totally scrumptious, with a very crisp texture and slightly 'nutty’ taste). I also relished some wonderful fresh Buffalo cheese - amongst the best I have ever bought or savoured - expensive but well worth it.

Other appealing stalls included the chilli stand with pretty plants and a range of fresh varieties; fabulous goats cheese from petite crottin to larger examples - plain, herbed, ash-coated and peppered.

Note to organisers: please, make it a regular event here!

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CarolineLD said...

Sounds lovely: it's reminded me to get up early this Sunday for my local farmers' market.